31K is a brand new independent venue ran by 5 best friends. Opening late August, we couldn’t wait to be a part of this years Hockley Hustle! So first thing we did was get on the blower to our friends in great bands across nottingham to create one hell of a party!

We’re delighted to have the chance to give back to charities in area, so being a part of this years event was really important to us. Being just a few doors down from Emmanuel House, we’re keen to drive traffic into the area and help support homeless, vulnerable or isolated adults in & around Nottingham.

We’ll have great beers, cocktails and food (vegan options included) all available on the day alongside balcony views of some of the best artists and bands around!

22:00 – Soft Girls & Boys Club
21:00 – TV Crime
20:00 – Do Nothing
19:00 – Starwheel
18:00 – Nino’s Blue Saloon
17:00 – Cai Burns
16:00 – Jimi Mack
15:00 – Laurie Illingworth
14:00 – The Sell Foundation



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