Bunkers Hill – The Random Sessions

Popular acoustic web-series The Random Sessions takes over the upstairs of The Bunkers Hill with some of the best singer-songwriters the city has to offer.

Steve Oliver returns to Bunkers Hill once again with a different banner. The Sunday Alternative is no more but The Random Sessions lives on.

Based on the popular web-series of the same name, we have some of the best singer-songwriters from Nottingham, this time they have been given microphones.


22:00 The Breakfast Club
21:15 Paul Carbuncle
20:30 One in the Morning
19:45  Lisa DeVille
19:00 Jasmin Issaka
18:15 Malin Hill
17:30 Simon Waldram
16:45 Paris Alexander
16:00 Andy White
15:15 Cameron Sinclair-Harris
14:30 The Girl and The Stone




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