City Arts: Green Thinking

We care about the future of our planet, so we’re thinking green for this year’s festival.

City Arts this year becomes the mothership of green-focused talks, education and action, featuring a star cast of energetic environmentalists. And all of them will be speaking through the Hustle’s bicycle-powered PA! Drop in to our Solutions Café while you’re there, or pick up life-nourishing local goods and tips at the sustainability and wellbeing fair. We need your legs… come down and pedal for the planet!

17:30 Dena Smiles (Probiotic Love) – Gut Health and Wellbeing
17:00 Megan Shore (Ignite Futures) – Engaging Young People With Nature
16:30 Extinction Rebellion Nottingham – Heading For Extinction (And What to Do About It)
16:00 Sarah Maloy (Shop Zero) – Low Waste Living
15:30 Penney Poyzer-Schalom (Nottingham Good Food Partnership) – Vegging Out
15:00 Paul Paine (EcoWorks) – Urban Permaculture
14:30 Anna de la Vega (The Urban Worm) – Worm Farming for World Peace
14:00 Ella Janaya Reeves (Wild Spirited Kids) – Nurture By Nature
13:30 Adam Pickering (Hockley Hustle) – Going Green
13:00 Natalie Hurst (Greenheart) – A Radical Approach to Food Security
12:30 Jill Carter (Pulp Friction) – Building Community and Creativity Through Food Surplus
12:00 Wendy Baird – Ecocuppa – Let’s Talk About Coffee

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