Oscar & Rosies – Muslim Artists and Poets Collective

A Unique opportunity to hear a diverse mix of Music and Poetry. from China, Afhanistan, Gambia and more, we will showcase some of the best talent in Nottingham and wider afield. One of the best lineups at this years Festival.

The Muslim Artists and Poets Collective was born as an idea to combat negativity. Muslims are subjected to physical and verbal abuse on a daily basis on the streets of the UK, as well as mistrust in the Media. the collective is a rare opportunity for people who identify as Muslim to showcase their Art. The Arts have always been important to Muslims, be it the Taj Mahal, through to the Tiles in Ottoman Mosques and to the Poetry of the Mystics, its always been part of the community. we want to build a community of Muslim artists, but also supporters from other Communities, to build a community of artists working together and sharing. there is much diversity in society and we want to use the Arts to build a society built on love and respect. Everyone is welcome in this journey.

21:15 Sura Susso
20.30 Sarah Curtis
19.45 Pearls of Islam
19:00 Salmagundi
18.00-18:45pm BREAK
17.15 Yasmine
16:30 – Ling Peng with Reika
14:00-16:00 Poetry /Spoken Word/Music (Open Mic)


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