Oscar & Rosies: Amity

Amity engage with a diverse and holistic approach. Whether it’s Culture, Heritage, Community networking or development, we want to breakdown and re-align stereotypes using Arts and Education as vehicles of exploration. Amity is about challenging stereotypes, integrating the ideas around identity and creating a safe space for expression and a place to be heard. This event has been kindly sponsored by Jamican Ways. 

20:00 Seckou Keita  / Sura Susso  /Suntou Susso 

19:15 Sarah Curtis 

19:00 Dave Mooney & Nancy

18:00 BREAK

17:00 Chinese Whispers (Ling Peng & Friends)

16:45 NEO Hannan 

16:30 Amarah Kayani

16:15 Zeinab Al Ahmar

16:00 Chris Carter & Rimante Little



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