Sue Ryder: Nottingham Poetry Festival

Spoken word, rap, interactive performances, and an open mic to try out your own stuff. Every year Nottingham Poetry Festival brings the best local and national talent together in a huge showcase, and this is the first year they feature at Hockley Hustle. Bards, unite!

18:30 CLOSE
17:10 Bridie Squires: Casino Preview


BREAK 20 mins

16:30 Akor Opaluwah
16:20 Ioney Smallhorne 
16:10 Cleo Asabre-Holt 
16:00 Matt Miller 
15:50 Josh Judson 
15:30 BREAK 20 mins
15:20 Chris Lanyon 
15:10 Milla Tebbs
15:00 James Sikora 
14:50 Joe Andrews 
14:40 Kat Hristova
14:30 JimSharpe  
14:15 Georgina Wilding NPF



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